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wow1Ghetto Radio’s morning show #Brekko dared to tread on dreaded grounds during #TrueGhettoStory segment. We chose to be a safe haven for voices that needed to be heard. Kenyan Muslim youth of Somali origin or warkaka as they are famously referred to in the streets, freely told of their experiences with police and the stigma around their kind. They narrated heart stabbing stories of how ‘our’ treatment towards them radicalizes them the more. They relived tear jerking memories on air that pushed Kenyans to stand in the gap and apologize on behalf of the government and every body who has judged them harshly and blindly. Caller after caller, tweet after tweet, two hours of solidarity;Religion, tribe, colour, Region not withstanding. Walls were broken and the first step towards Countering Violent Extremism made.

Everyone has a story, they told theirs. We now understand better and in one voice Apologise

“For the days I was not sensitive to your breaking heart , I apologise

For the days I cared not for the tears you shed at night ,I apologise

For the days you chose to be a son and defended your mum yet I didnt understand, I apologise

For the days I turned a blind eye to how they harrased and victimised you,I apologise

To that mother whose hands are now empty? Her breasts aching for her dead child thanks to Kasarani, who will warm her heart again?

To that son who cant sleep at night as his slain dad’s soul hovers around him asking for his death to be justified. Who will withdraw his night

It’s a heap of broken hearts, wounded souls.

I pointed my finger out of ignorance and for this I apologise

I hear your story and I feel your pain.

Come close, I cant turn back the hands of time but I ask that you give me a chance to make it right .

Let’s talk, don’t take away from me what they took from you, shield me from your pain too.

You lost I now know, but you can live again, don’t pull that pin off that grenade.

Blowing us up will also not fill that hole, it will not take the pain away.

Come, Lets talk but before we do, I apologise.”