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I ate human flesh , drank water used to wash dead people – Cannibal


By Steve Osaka

Cannibal the half of the once high riding Mombasa hip hop duo of Cannibal and Sharama has made a wild confession on his past ways before he saw the light.

Speaking on an online engagement, The “Kichwa Kibov” hit maker admitted to not only eating human flesh but also drinking water used for washing corpses.

According to Cannibal he was introduced to all these by a Tanzanian man who promised to keep his music afloat.

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“Zile vipande nilikula kila siku zilikuwa nyama ya binadamu waliokufa na kukunywa maji ambayo ilikuwa imetumika kuziosha,” said Cannibal.

They however backfired badly on him,he ended up getting sick, loosing shows and was at the brink of a collapse.

Cannibal also claims that he turned down Ksh. 100 Million from the Illuminati Society.

Cannibal who prefers to be called – The Chosen One regrets wasting time with the devil and says he’s back to win more souls through gospel vibes.