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I Built The Unkut Hip Hop Awards From Scratch, Ruby V

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The brains behind the fledgling ‘Unkut Hip Hop Africa Awards’ Ruby V while on Ghetto Radio Tuesday’s Hip Hop Show ‘Hip Hop Republik’ hosted by Kutizzo Matatizo also known as Curtis recalled how she transformed ‘The Unkut Hip Hop Awards’ from rock bottom to its current top notch status attracting not only corporate sponsorship but also County Government partnerships.

 “Tulianza 2016 December actually 18th ndio ilikuwa event ya kwanza niliwai kudo, nilipanga na beshte yangu Papa Don anakuwanga rapper.. Nilimholla akaniambia ‘hey niko naka location flani backyard, tulienda backyard ya msee akasema Kam through weka sound mi niko na location tunawza do something, tuka pull up hapo hivi”She stated.She maintains that she has witnessed a remarkable growth from most of the today’s rappers who looked green during that time. “Nilikuwa na marapper ka wote kina Steph Kapela walikuwa pale, akina Boutross sijui Mandy hawo wasee wote wanazoza huku hivi kwa mtaa siku hizi wasiwadanganye tuko na video zao wameparara, hawawezi niambia any” She posed amid laughter.

 Darkest Year

Most people think that event organizing is a walk in the park. For one to put up a successful event it requires blood and sweat, from setting the stage, lighting and marketing just to mention but a few the venture is demanding and requires finance.

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Starting out hosting hip hop events which later metamorphosized into an award ceremony Ruby V incurred heavy losses in 2018 which nearly made her quit.

 “2019 nikanyamaza yote juu nilikuwa na pressure 2018 hizo ma events nilikuwa nimepanga 2018 hazikuenda fiti vile nilikuwa naexpect so nilineed time ya kurecover,zote nilikuwa nafanya kutoka kwa mfuko, hakuna pesa” she stated further.And with her misfortunes then Ruby V wonders why a section of netizens had the guts to bully her, throwing insults her way, still she never gave up. “alafu bado unaget backlash badala ya wasee kushow up wanahate from online.. Haikua inakaa fiti,” she quipped.

The 2021 Unkut Hennessy Hip Hop Awards is already up and will be an invites only ceremony to held on the 18th of December in an undisclosed location. Voting kicked off on December 1st, one can vote as many times as possible. Ghetto Radio’s Kutizzo Matatizo sits on the panel of judges his show ‘The Hip Hop Republik’ has also been nominated in the ‘Hip Hop Show Of The Year Category’. Follow through the conversation on the social media platforms of ‘Unkut Hennessy Hip Hop  Awards’ for a chance to to win a ticket  for this amazing event.Let’s vote Curtis for the award to come home.

By Steve Osaka