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  • Willy Paul believes he can beat Diamond.
  • The Saldido boss has thrown his weight behind DJ Shiti’s sentiments of Diamond denying him a collabo for fear of being overshadowed.
  • The Njiwa singer has since dropped his new song dubbed “Keroro”.

Willy Paul believes he can beat Diamond when they team for a collaboration. The Saldido International boss has thrown his weight behind DJ Shiti who alleged that Diamond has denied him a collabo for fear of being overshadowed.

Taking to his Instagram, Willy Paul shared a clip of Shiti affirming that Diamond has denied Willy Paul a collabo for the longest time now fearing being overtaken.

“Willy Paul ametamani sana collabo na Diamond na Diamond anamnyimanga collabo kwa sababu Diamond anajua kitu Willy Paul anaweza fanya…Willy Paul ni mbaya” asserts DJ Shiti in the video.

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According to Willy Paul, despite being ignored by Diamond he’s still the best and carries God’s favor.

“Today at exactly 10 am You’ll understand why @djshiti_comedian said this. The world can be against you but if God is on your side, you’re safe” he captioned partly.

Comedian DJ Shiti PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Willy Paul’s post has since generated mixed reactions with others supporting his sentiments while some turned it into a comical fit noting DJ Shiti’s contribution.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Pozee huwa mzii”

“Anaogopa utamfunika”

“You are gifted we all know that”

Willy Paul PHOTO Courtesy


New Song “Keroro”

The Njiwa hit maker is currently promoting his new song dubbed “Keroro”

It delves on a woman named Caro who has an unmatched appetite for alcohol “Keroro”.

Willy Paul notes that Caro is a sex samaritan once drunk and loves life’s finer things.

“She’s a generous giver but so dangerous” he sings partly.

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With barely 5 hours from its release, the song had already amassed 22k views on You Tube and still counting.

Despite the song being with the same title as pioneer Genge star, Nonini’s, they’re totally different on different vibes.

Willy Paul’s ‘Keroro’ video has also been crafted to match its storyline with a glimpse of Nairobi’s night life.


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