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“ I do not understand or speak Swahili” Victoria Kimani


By Annette Amondi

Singer Victoria Kimani  has fired shots at haters hating at her in Swahili.

Victoria through an instagram post said that it’s a blessing she does not understand the language because she cannot understand the insults leveled at her.

“Lazima ni baraka za Mungu kwamba sielewi Kiswahili kwa sababu sitawahi kuelewa zile chuki huelekezwa kwangu….. Haha ..Endeleeni kuongea, sioni, siskii, Wala sielewi neno, ni herufi tuu. Like a stamp of Gods protection over my heart, soul and mind,”  she said

Even though Victoria’s post was in Swahili she has since said that she had someone write it for her.

Earlier on Victoria had said that she grew up in the US all her life and so she cannot speak Swahili.

“I was born in the US, as the last born in a family of three. My parents were preachers in the US, they still are….I grew up in the US and I first came to Kenya when I was 16. But I went back to the US after staying here for about two years. I can understand a bit of it but cannot speak,” she said