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I Don’t Depend On Publicity Stunts, Says Rich Mavoko

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Tanzanian Singer Richard Martin Lusinga commonly known as Rich Mavoko has distanced himself from publicity stunts referred to as ‘Kiki’.

The ‘Pacha Wangu’ Singer made the statement while on an online engagement with Comedian Jalang’o affirming that he solely depends on his God given talent.

“Hii talent nimepewa ndio silaha yangu so nikianza kuamini kwamba nitafute silaha nyingine tena ya kutumia nitakuwa namkosea mwenyezi Mungu,” stated Mavoko.

He added that for him to leave a lasting legacy in the music industry he had to be different from other artists who thrive on clout chasing for relevance.

“Sitaki kufanya Kiki kwa sababu nataka kuacha legacy nanaona nifanye mziki hadi mwisho, hadi ninapo kufa bila kufanya hivyo vitu,” he stated.

Memorable Moments

His highest moment remains when he was rising in the industry and he mentioned his biggest song as ‘Roho Yangu’ which talks of a jilted lover.

Rich Mavoko however refuted claims of it being a personal experience.

“Naimba vitu ambavyo viko kwa jamii, vitu ambavyo vinaweza kumtokea mtu yeyote si lazima mimi… Tunakaa mtaani tunasikiza maneno, tunakaa na watu wazima tunasikia maneno ni vitu ambavyo vipo”.

Changing Record Labels

The ‘Roho Yangu’ Singer was on everyone’s lips a few years ago in Kenya while signed to Kaka Empire a record label owned by rapper King Kaka before he made the switch to Diamond Platinumz’s Wasafi.

The singer’s departure from Wasafi was deemed as suicidal.

He however maintained that it was consensual and has learnt to grow over it.

And on not getting endorsements from corporates and other institutions, Mavoko acknowledged his undoing for not hiring a team to help him out of which he has rectified.

“Sikuwa na watu wa hivo, kwa sasa ninao kwa sababu unaenda unajifunza unajua vitu,” he said.

He is currently in the country carrying out a media tour for his newest song ‘Nidonoe’ and promises more local collaborations.

Story By Steve Osaka


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