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“I Don’t have any issue with Weezdom” Gospel star Mr.Seed

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Gospel star Mr. Seed has cleared the air regarding his relationship with colleague Weezdom.

On Monday, news broke that Weezdom had called out Mr. Seed for talking ill of his former boss Bahati.

Bro it’s the high time you guys stop all this drama and stop misleading fans.

“I am a witness on the fact that you were really helped by Bahati and I am the one who talked to him in 2016.Its just coz I can’t say everything here. Just stop this drama. I quit the drama because it wasn’t of any help so stop speaking ill of someone who helped you.Even God knows. So you and Wonder just stop these stories because Bahati has really helped us.He was asked a question and he answered BASED ON the truth. Where is your word of thank you in all these your statements??Mr Seed and David Wonder tell me an artist who helped you WHEN YOU were down?” Weezdom was quoted saying

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Mr. Seed now says he has no beef with Weezdom adding that Weezdom is entitled to his own opinion.

Asked why Weezdom would go on saying he is not appreciative of the fact that Bahati helped elevate his career, Mr. Seed said he is actually the one that helped Bahati and not the other way round.

The singer however refused to disclose the sum of money owed to him by Bahati’s EMB records.

“The sum doesn’t matter, in fact that is my past and I chose to let it go and focus on greater and better things. Let’s just say I left it all to God.” He added

Attempts to reach Weezdom for comments were futile.


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