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“I don’t want babies” says hot Kenyan Actress


By Annette Amondi

Kenyan actress and singer has opened up about not wanting to have children after being nagged by people on social media.

Speaking on social media, Karen Lucas popularly known as Kaz, shared that people always question her decision whenever she reveals her lack of desire to have kids.

“People really struggle to understand me when I say I don’t want children. I love all the children around me that all my people have already blessed me with,” she said on her Instagram account

The actress went on to say that she is okay with those who would like to have kids but for her she has made her decision.

“But it’s also ok for people not to want children or the things you think women need to have based on your narrow social construct mind.” She added

Kaz urged people to stop pressuring others to have kids especially when they may not understand their situation or reason.

“Not everyone wants the same things.which is why we can be different. not everyone is capable of having children, so next time you feel the need to pressure ask someone about the decisions they make with their bodies, just remember the world doesn’t revolve around your ideals,” She said