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“I drive with money in my boot” Mr. Nice refutes allegations he is broke

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Legendary Tanzanian singer Lucas Mkenda popularly known as Mr Nice has refuted claims that he is broke.

The’Fagilia’ singer also for the first time revealed why he decided to relocate to Uganda.

In a video shared on Instagram said he moved to Uganda because he is making money there than he was back home.

“I prefer staying where I make money. Or do you prefer I stay at home so you continue laughing at me? That is not appropriate; our President John Magufuli urges us to continue working hard and stop gossiping.

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Back in 2018, the singer was allegedly left stranded in Uganda after performing at a gig.

He later confirmed the allegations that he was left stranded in Uganda after a promoter failed to pay him but says he was able to get back on his feet in no time.

“There have been rumors that I’m stuck here in Kampala. Is that really possible? True, I didn’t get a single cent after that performance, but Mr Nice is a big brand. I’ve overcome everything” he said at the time

The singer further went on to taunt his critics saying he drives around with money in his car boot because his wallet is too small to carry his loot.

I always walk around with money stashed in my car boot. Having cash in your wallet or bank account does not mean you have it all. Have you walked with money in your boot? I have done it all, I know my enemies will say what they want, sometimes they can say that I’m broke but the truth is that I am living my own life.” He said

There was a time the singer was rumored to be living in misery in Nairobi’s Embakasi area but it was never confirmed.