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I Earned My Stage Name ‘Rough Tone’ After Loosing Voice, Rufftone Reveals

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Pioneer gospel artiste Roy Smith Mwatia commonly known as Rufftone revealed how he earned his stage name ‘Rough Tone’ which he later coined to Ruff Tone.

Narrating his journey to the godfather of comedy, Churchill on the journey series edition, The Mwikulu Singer remembered his early days in Kakamega High school as the cheering leader of the school’s sporting team’s from Football, Hockey and basketball. It was during the school’s sporting activities that he was tasked with hyping the team’s for his outstanding display of musical ability where he ended loosing his voice and earned his moniker – Rough Tone.

“So every weekend walikuwa wanaenda tournament i was called in like the cheering squad leader so mi nilikuwa apo maze Ku freestyle when am talking about the hockey team, basketball team and then Kakamega football team i was their cheer leader in rapping and that is how i managed to perfect my art.. Nakumbuka many at times those events used to happen during the weekends na unapata mko na event Saturday ata zingine zilikuwa zinaanza Friday afternoon come Monday i would have lost my voice so naambia wasee ‘niaje wasee mko poa’ wasee wananiambia uko na rough voice, your name will be rough tone that is how rough tone was born “Narrated Rufftone.

A Congenital Fine Artist

What many people don’t know is that Rufftone is an astute fine artist. From way back his primary schooling to high school, he stood out as a fine artist in fact his pocket money came from writing and decorating love letters to his fellow students.

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In Kakamega i went to that identity where people would still remember me and identify with me as the fine artist, wasee walikuwa wanataka mabarua za magaldem mimi ndio nilikuwa nazi decorate… I can assure you my pocket money ilikuwa inatoka kwa hizo miradi maze na za kuandikia wasee mabarua za love na wananiambia mdem aliingiana,”stated Ruff Tone. 

Born in a family of musician’s Rufftone is an elder brother to gospel Star Daddy Owen and Sledge. The LampStand Records founder started out as a secular ragamuffin artist before switching on to gospel in the early 2000’s.He’s credited for revolutionizing the urban gospel sound by fusing traditional instruments. 

On his future aspirations, Ruff Tone looks forward to becoming a politician and has set his eyes on the city’s senatorial seat in the coming general election  in 2022.We wish him the best of luck.

By Steve Osaka

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