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  • Aguero hung up his boots boots at the age of 33
  • Heart condition saw his retire early
  • The Player Opens up on final game as a professional

Sergio Aguero has opened up on how he felt during his final professional game at Barcelona .

The striker suffered chest pains and dizziness while playing for Barcelona against Alaves in La Liga in a match which turned out to be his final appearance as a professional.

The former Argentine  professional footballer  has now spoken about the game and revealed how he felt before the match was stopped and was able to receive medical attention.

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What Sergio Aguero Said

Sergio Aguero (Photo Courtesy)


Speaking to Clank Media  Aguero said “I felt like I was drowning, I didn’t feel pain. I had a lot of pressure in my head. I figured it was because I was physically ill and I thought: ‘Shit, I’m so bad.’

“I jumped for a header. They went to counter and I started to get dizzy. I felt like I was going to faint and I wanted to calm down. I wanted to say something and the words didn’t come out. I grabbed the hand of the Alaves captain as if to say: ‘Stop the game.’ He started screaming and they stopped the game.

“When I calmed down, I felt like my heart started beating faster. That’s where the arrhythmia attack caught me. A week before it had happened to me in training but it had only been for 20 seconds.”

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Lionel Messi’s No 10

The player has also revealed why he opted to take the No. 19 shirt shirt when he moved to Barcelona in 2021, rather than the 10 left vacant after Lionel Messi’s shock exit.

“When Leo left Barcelona, they offered me the number 10 shirt and I said no. Not because I didn’t want it. I thought he was going to come back,” he added. “They told me that I was the only one that could use it but for me, the number 10 belongs to Leo. Lastly, if he is not there, don’t use it.”


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