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I Felt Unappreciated Working With DJ Shiti, Actress Naomi Kuria

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Popular Kenyan online actress Naomi Kuria has narrated how she felt un appreciated working with Comedian Dj Shiti which led to her eventual walk out on the former Househelps Of Kawangware Star.

“Inafikanga place you realize yourself unajua   especially mtu mwenye akona vision na mtu mwenye akona dreams, you have to let go vitu zingine zenye unaona they’re not in line with your dreams, that is what happened to me na ikafika pahali nikaona i no longer deserve to be in his crew, “Said Naomi while on an online engagement with Eve Mungai.

T.V Stint that led to fall out

Having worked for a while with Dj Shiti during the same period which they landed a T.V Show on KTN dubbed ‘Dondoo Za DJ Shiti ,Naomi states that her input wasn’t needed as she would front ideas which never saw the light of day, her talent wasn’t being fully exploited prompting her exit.

 “At some point nilikuwa nafeel nikama niko limited in some way kwa sababu i could sometimes suggest some videos to him and hakuwa ananiambia anything, hiyo story inaenda hivo… So at the end of the day nilikuwa najipata niko stagnant,” Narrated Naomi.

Destiny Connector

Despite the tumultuous encounter she had with Dj Shiti, the witty actress is thankful that through him she met other notable personalities in the creative industry  such as Singer Ala – C and fellow actress Aunty Jemimah who have played a key role in her journey to stardom.


 “All in all siwezi kosa Ku acknowledge that i met people, watu wenye wako so relevant in my life saa hii, I met them through him and that’s one thing i will always appreciate.. Ala-C akaniita video shoot yake, he wanted me to be featured ilikuwa set up ya harusi… So I went nikapata kumbe pia Aunty Jemimah ako invited nilifurahi,”recalled Naomi.

She heaped much praise on Aunty Jemimah for being God sent, paid her well and moulded her into the Star she has become.

She downplayed being rude maintaining that it’s just a character she portrays pegged on day to day occurrences.


Written By Steve Osaka.


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