• Man found his wife with another man on his bed!
  • He claims he educated her, paid her college fee.
  • The only woman he now trust’s is his mother.
  • The wife later got married to a rich man, cruises around in a Mercedes Benz as they pass each other.

As the world marked ‘Valentines Day’, a Ghetto radio listener, Kenah Wa Uber narrated his worst experience to DJ Double Trouble and Bonoko on the evening drive show Goteana, drawing the attention of many.

Busted girlfriend with another man on his bed

In a bit-by-bit account,Kenah who was working as a salesman then stated that he pretended to have left home for work duty. After lazying around for two hours he returned home finding his woman in the arms of another man right in their matrimonial bed.

“So nimejifanya naenda wera nikasema wacha nirudi kwa nyumba kidogo nikajifanya nimeenda kama 2 hours nikarudi kwa nyumba,kurudi kwa nyumba unajua nilipata nini.. nilipata msee kwa bed yangu na mamaa buana,kwa bed yangu na mamaa” Recalled Kenah

Kenah had been tipped earlier by the security guard on his wife’s errant ways but he turned a blind eye only to confirm his worst fears.

“Kwanza watchie (watchman) alishanichanuanga mara ya kwanza na sikujua nikalenga hiyo story mi nikasema huyu watchie (watchman) anaongea nini mamaa haezi fanya kitu ka hiyo” He continued.

He paid her university fees

Kenah maintained that he went as far as paying college fees for his girlfriend knowing that he was empowering the love of his life.

“Nikamfundisha from 1st year to 4th year imagine” He added.

Little did Kenah know that he was being played right in his face, his better half would set a profile picture of a man stating that it was her cousin only to turn out as her lover and Kenah’s workmate.

“Anaweka vitu zingine kwa profile picture yake unamuiluliza anasema huyo sijui ni cousin yake mara sijui ni nani wake unaona,mi nilikuwa nadhani ni cuzo yake ananiambianga ni cuzo yake kumbe ni chali yake na huyo chali yake ujue tunafanya profession moja” Explained Kenah

His Reaction

Though hurting, he maintained his cool dashed out of the house and embarked on a drinking spree for days without coming back home.

The besieged woman resorted to calling his friends in a bid to know his whereabouts since he wasn’t picking her calls. He finally came back home ready to salvage his relationship but lost his job. The woman took off and got married to a loaded man.

“Huyo dame aliolewa na chali ako na doo sahii najua ameendelea na maisha yake…ata tushapatana akiendesha Mercedes” Said Kenah

For Kenah, his experience has taught him not to trust women apart from his mum.

Is it wrong to love a woman wholeheartedly? Drop a comment.

Listen to the distress call.

Caller on Ghetto Radio painfully narrates how he found his wife in his bed with another man

By Steve Osaka.

February 15, 2023

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