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I Had A Rare Skin Condition That Nearly Interrupted My Schooling, King Kaka

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Popular Kenyan Hip hop Star Kennedy Ombima commonly known as King Kaka has for the first time revealed his battles with a rare skin condition that nearly cut short his schooling.

The ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ rapper was speaking to veteran hip hopper Mwafreeka, on the ‘Iko Nini’ podcast where he shared his tribulations.

High school niliitwa Highway but nilikuwa msick, nilikuwa every year nashade skin kama nyoka.. So tangu niwe kama class four every year nilikuwa nashade skin kama nyoka, tulishindwa kuget ni nini… Ilikuwa noma  kwa keja nilikuwa najikuna the whole body so najikuna hizi joints (hands/legs) unajikuna sana unaanza kubleed so ilikuwa sitoki kwa keja “He narrated.

The condition became so worse as their numerous visits to  several dermatologist’s bore no fruit,he was later healed after using a bleaching oil – Movit before it was banned by the government.

“Tumeenda kwa ma dermatologists bro tangu niwe hiyo mdogo tumetembea kwa wahindi nani so dawa ilikujanga kunisaidia ilikuwanga inaitwa Movit, kuna dawa flani ilikuwanga famous wasee walikuwa wanajibleach nayo, hiyo Movit sasa ndio ilikuwa inaspeed process ya mimi kuheal, “he continued.

During that time of sickness, he witnessed his enrollment window for first choice high school  ‘Highway’ elapse. King Kaka later joined Eastleigh High school.

So window yangu ya kwenda Highee(Highway High school) ikatingwa so my other letter was Eastleigh so ata Easich niliingiaga late,” he said further.


Was*Born* Prematurely

What many people don’t know is that king Kaka came into the world at seven months unlike the usual nine months. This was due to an unfortunate incident that happened shocking his mother who was heavy with him at seven months. His eldest brother, Kevin had fallen from a tree.

Bro wangu mso alidundaga kutoka kwa mti, madha alikuwa na ball, sasa madha ametulia na ball yake kejani watoi wakakam wakasema ‘hehei Mama Kevo, Kevo ameanguka kutoka kwa mti” so ile shock ikabidi nichangamkiwe, ilikuwa noma ata nikizaliwa mbuyu alikuwa anasema nilikuwa natoshana ka panya hiyo ndiyo ilikuwa description, “he added.

Having survived miraculously, King Kaka who also developed a business acumen from a tender age selling rabbits ‘Sunguch’, printed t-shirts, dvd’s and poetry has incalculated the same into running his recording stable, Kaka Empire.

He looks forward to joining the film industry and already has plans in top gear.

By Steve Osaka



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