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  • Jabidii revealed that he had the biggest song, yet his house was locked due to rent arrears.
  • His mother earned a living doing laundry work as Jabidii would also beg for food and alms in Lang’ata.
  • It took him 10 years to break into the mainstream world.

Gospel star, Jabidii has revealed that he had the biggest song, yet he couldn’t afford to pay his house rent.

According to the singer, his house had been locked while enjoying massive airplay for the song Shoot Satan.

He had just moved from Kibra to Kabiria renting a Mabati shack costing Kshs. 4,500 per month.

“Ikifika mwezi wa tatu 2017 nyumba imefungwa. Shoot Satan saa hizo inatrendigi, wasee wanasema ‘huyo boy ni mnoma huyo boy ni mbaya!’ Saa hizo nimehama kibera naishi Kabiria, keja ni ya mabati nilikuwa nalipa 4,500 and then hiyo 4500 miezi tatu sijalipa” He narrated.

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His mother and landlord had seen him on Tv and assumed his star had finally shone brighter.

They all believed he would sort out his house arrears.

Just when he was about to give up, he received a phone call for a show at KCA University worth Kshs. 15k.

The gig opened his doors, and he ended up getting 4 more shows earning him Kshs. 60k.

His follow up song, Odi a collaborative piece with dancer and media personality, Timeless Noel cemented his space in the gospel world.

His graph kept on rising with his other release’s, Vimbada featuring Moji Short Babaa.

His Mother Earned a Living Doing Laundry Work.

Jabidii further disclosed his humble beginnings that his mother earned a living doing laundry work in Lang’ata.

On several occasions they would bump into each other as Jabidii came begging for food from the rich neighborhood.

At first, it seemed awkward but as time went by his mother came to understand.

In such instances, they would treat each other as strangers, each minding their own business.

It took him 10 years before he started earning from his craft, hence his name ‘Jabidii’ (a patient hard worker).

Before his breakthrough, Jabidii sold shoes at Toi market.

Today he tours schools for missions and other gigs while spreading the gospel.

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