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“I have abstained till marriage” –Gospel singer Willy Paul


By Annette Amondi

After being accused of overdosing on sex stimulants last week, gospel singer Willy Paul now says he has abstained till marriage.

Willy squashed those allegations saying that they were fabricated by haters.

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He also said he has chosen to abstain from sex.

“I wasn’t admitted in hospital plus at my age how will I be using Viagra? Mimi Kwanza naabstain hadi nioe. After this story nikasema I wish kuna tu wale walikua wamepitia kwa mikono yangu watokee tu waseme Willy hakuangi hivyo. Willy hatumiangi hizo vitu but unfortunately hakuna wenye wanaweza tokea juu niliamua kuabstain tu until marriage,” he said

Willy Paul added that the news caused embarasment to his family including his mum who called him to wish him well.