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  • Amber revealed that her journey to success had been a challenging one.
  • Amber says she was expelled from school.

Socialite Amber Ray has opened up about her life, denying allegations that have long haunted her.

In an interview on Obinna’s show, she said that she has never in her entire life engaged in prostitution

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“I have never sold my body for money…I have dated married people and they claimed me in public …na wako na pesa,” she said.

Amber Ray, known for her striking beauty, revealed that her journey to success had been a challenging one.

Her early life was marked by resilience and a determination to rise above her circumstances.

Born in Machakos, her family relocated multiple times, eventually settling in the sprawling Kayande slums of Nairobi.

Although she admitted that she was not a book smart person she proudly said she was a street smart kind of person.

Amber disliked school, Expelled

Her educational journey took a few unexpected turns, including an expulsion from Kinyui Girls in Form One.

“I was expelled from Kinyui Girls in form one then I went to a school in Kayole but my dad decided to transfer me to another school in Matuu,”

“The truth is I failed. Sipendi vitabu vile but I am street-smart.”

She recounted her struggles, having to transfer to schools in Kayole and later Matuu, where she continued her education

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She also opened up on selling milk and Matumbo while pregnant with her firstborn son Gavin in order to make ends meet.

“I started hustling early because Gavin’s father was still living with his parents and I wanted us to start from scratch,”

But her journey didn’t stop there. She even worked at a prestigious restaurant in Nairobi, showcasing her determination to find her own path to success.

When the era of video vixens began to gain popularity in the country, Amber Ray decided to try her luck in the entertainment industry.

Her captivating presence soon garnered her attention and added another layer to her evolving career.

And on dating Jimal Roho Safi, amber clarified that she had believed Jimal was going through a divorce and was not aware that he was already married.


September 5, 2023

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