I have no bad blood with Citizen TV – Kirigo Ng’arua

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In November 2016, news broke that Royal Media services had fired some of its employees and among them was news anchors Kirigo Ng’arua and Terryanne Chebet.

Ng’arua was listed as the second on the list that leaked online.

She went silent for the longest time only to resurface in mid 2017 with her ‘Girls’ Table’ show.

An online platform where she hosts ladies to discuss different issues.

Speaking to a local daily, Ng’arua revealed how the news hit her hard despite the fact that she had caught wind of it before it finally happened.

“I was in the office, I was actually preparing for the 1.00pm news. It was around 12.30pm, and I was literally the second person on the list to be called in.” she said

She went on to narrate how a simple okay was her reaction to the whole ordeal.

“The bosses told me and I just said, “Okay,Yes, okay. There was talk it was going to happen, and so a part of me expected it. There was definitely some shock that it actually did happen, but I just accepted it.” She added

The former news anchor admitted that the news hit her hard and in turn she took a trip to Ghana to try and figure things out as she waited for the news to settle down.

Ng’arua says despite her being laid off, there is no bad blood between her and the Royal media fraternity and that she has even visited the premises on so many occasions.

She adds that given the right opportunity she will return to TV screens again.