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‘I have really disappointed her!’ Catherine Kamau opens up on letting down her mother


Actress Catherine Kamau has opened up about how she feels she has always disappointed her mother.

Speaking on an interview on Jessy Junction, Kate as she is popularly known opened up on the several instances she dropped out of school.

The sassy actress said her mother took a loan to take her to University in Uganda after failing an accounting course at KCA only for her to get pregnant within her first three months at Makerere.

“My mum took me to KCA to study accounts but i failed. All I ever did was dress nicely and then go watch handsome guys playing basketball. Nilianguka na kichwa. I had never balanced anything before, so how was i supposed to balance mahesabu? After i failed, my mum took a ksh400k loan to fund my university studies in Uganda but 3 months after joining the school I got pregnant.” She said

She narrated how she got back home and wrote her mother a long letter before taking off to a friend’s place.

When her son was born, Kate says her mother made sure she did everything for the baby to always remind her that she is now a mother and not a young girl.

Two years later she rejoined school at Multimedia University only to drop out again because of her role in Citizen Tv’s mother in law.

The actress says she feels like she disappointed her mother on so many levels and has spent time trying to make it up to her.

“When I finally went home I wrote her a long letter and then ran away to a friend’s place. I knew she had traveled so I left the letter where she would see it. I told her that I was sorry for disappointing her. She later called me and asked me to come back home. She made me do everything for the baby. Nilikua naamshwa mapema ananikumbusha I was now a mother and not a young girl. After two years my mum felt I had matured up and took me back to school. After that she took me to Multimedia University but I did not complete my studies as I started acting on mother-in-law, pesa ikawa tamu. I really disappointed her and I have spent my lifetime trying to make it up to her, right now we are good.” She added