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I Know What Ails Kilimani Ward, I Am Here To Solve It – Ariviza Declares


She goes by the name the Limping General, a nick name she acquired due to her disability after she was nominated at the County Assembly Of Nairobi in 2017.

While many would have sulked at the nickname attached to their disability Mary Ariviza chose to squeeze the lemon thrown at her and made a lemonade.

She has instead embraced the name and used it positively to assert her power and influence at the Nairobi County Assembly.

The Masters Degree holder in Counseling and Psychology from the United States International University was nominated to the Nairobi County Assembly by the ODM Party to represent gender, youth and children.

“My personal interest in socioeconomic interests of the people of Kenya is what got me to the Nairobi County Assembly. I have an interest in social justice, I hate evil being done against people. So I chose to work with Raila in the fight for justice and eventually I got nominated to the County Assembly of Nairobi by the ODM Party,” she says.

At the Nairobi County Assembly, Ariviza who is one of the highest educated MCAs chairs the Agriculture committee at the Nairobi County Assembly.

She takes pride in being able to pass motions and bills that have improved the lives of people she is representing at the assembly and also persons with disability.

One of the motions she takes pride in is the Motion that requires all matatus to create a special seat for either persons living with disability, a lactating mother or an elderly person.


“When I came here I came to represent women, children and youth but in the process there was a gap in the representation of persons with disability,” she says.

“The motion was that in every public transport we need to have the immediate seat at the door with a logo showing clearly that that is the space for people living with disability, lactating mothers, elderly persons or a pregnant women,” she says.

Ariviza who has sat in the education committee for more than 4 years now, says that she and other committee members have also been able to lobby for the increment of bursary funds in wards and also ensuring that Early Childhood Education teachers have been employed.

“I was able to lobby that we get an extra Ksh. 1 Million for bursaries in this financial year. Our ECDE teachers have also never been employed, they have only been volunteering and getting some stipends. Recently we negotiated and got the Public Service Board to employ them,” she says.

To advance her political career, educationist Ariviza is now eyeing the Kilimani Ward Seat in the upcoming general elections.

“It’s official, I am vying in Kilimani Ward and I have voted in Kilimani for the past 15 years… I know what ails Kilimani ward and I am vying to make the place better,” she says.

Ariviza says that she hopes to solve the long lasting club menace that has ailed Kilimani Ward for quite some time.

“I hope to bring all the stakeholders on board i.e the business people and the residents to harmoniously resolve the issue. Some club operators are also outrightly wrong. You cannot just turn up and turn a residential house into a club,” she says.

Ariviza who is one of the highest educated MCAs in Nairobi County, hopes that her political experience and the social influence she has on people and God, will help her navigate the murky political water and clinch the seat come 2022.