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I Lied On The ‘Illuminati’ Saga, Magix Enga


After trending for weeks for his association with the secret society ‘Illuminati’, now Singer and producer Njenga Chege commonly referred to as Magix Enga has rubbished the story as a mere hoax.

Taking to his social media platform Facebook, Magix Enga cleared the air by taking a screen grab of himself and Presenter Ali during the infamous interview terming it ‘Jokes’ on another level.

“How is this funny video still trending @presenter_ali🤣🤣Taking jokes to the next level 🍾No Short cuts in this life 💯Wark hard my friend and pray 🙏Bt illuminate is real to those who believe. I used to hear about them too just like you guys 😂” Stated Magix.

It’s now clear that the producer cum artist was clout chasing, he immediately released five songs into the market that attracted favorable viewership. He didn’t hide his tactic, in fact he went ahead and encouraged fans to keep on viewing his songs and subscribing on his channel.

“Thank you for the views 🥺I released 5 music videos on my YouTube channel.. Visit and don’t forget to subscribe.. Please in my next acting video tell me what you think i should change on the comment section, nimekua actor officially new channel soon” he concluded.


A Furious Presenter Ali Condemns Magix Enga

On learning that Magix Enga had used his platform for his personal gains. Presenter Ali has come out strongly and warned Enga for his unbecoming behaviour,he was at pains for having wasted his time and resources for the ‘fake’ interview.

He further threatened to marshal other content creator’s to shun hosting people like Magix Enga and his ilk on their platforms.

Indeed Enga’s  uncouth route in pushing his craft has yielded fruits. His video ‘Control Me’ in seven days has 78k views, Power 86k views in ten days and ‘Call’ 35k views in 5 days. His subscription has also risen beyond 100k subscribers. Talk of selling through hook and crook.

By Steve Osaka