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I Lost An Eye in Crime Daddy Owen Now Reveals

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Kenyan gospel Singer Owen Mwatia popularly known as Daddy Owen has revealed   how he lost an eye after his  involvement in crime for survival.

In an interview with Churchill Show The ‘Tobina’  hit maker  disclosed that he was part of a gang that was terrorising city residents by carjacking matatus and breaking into houses before surviving  mob justice leading to his turning point.

“Hapo Bomblast nilishukishwa kwa mathree bro nilitengenzwa.. Nilipigwa kitu inaitwa mob injustice hakuna mob justice pale ni injustice… Kuna watchie(watchman) alinipiga goti manze singetoka yani alinipata vifiti ile vifiti goti inalia pa! pa! huwezi amka hauna nguvu so apo ndio nilipoteza jicho” Narrated Daddy Owen.

He  was hospitalized for days, surprisingly no member of his gang paid him a visit except his  elder brother Rufftone making him to change his ways and dedicate his life to God.

“Manze hakuna msee alikuwa anakam! The only person alikuwa anakam ilikuwa Ruff na i think at that moment ndio nili realize niko alone.. From there nikasema tu this is a big turn around now i need to change nanitoke, na hapo ndio mimi nilitoka nika change,” he added.

Owen  has appealed to anyone undergoing a hard time to speak up and seek guidance.


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