Bongo flava sensation Sharif Said Juma popularly known as Jay Melody recently revealed that he never met Kenyan singer Willy Paul in person when the latter brokered a deal in buying his song ‘Halelujah’

Jay Melody made the statement while on a local media station in Kenya stating that he was still under a music house -Tanzania House Of Talent (THT) which was in contact with Willy Paul.

“Willy Paul off course alilipa pale THT then ndio na mimi nikalipwa apo,Siku connect na Willy Paul moja kwa moja,hatukukutana kabisaa” stated Jay Melody

The Goroka singer added that he came to meet Willy Paul afterwards when he wrote him the second song ‘Njiwa’ a collaborative piece with Tanzanian songbird Nandy.

Earned Reputation For Song Writing

Jay Melody was first known as the ‘to go to person’ when sourcing for a hit song.He had written the song ‘Kivuruge’ which was sang by Nandy and had a huge reception, before he knew it he was deeply into the business of ‘penning songs ‘

“After kufanya ‘kivuruge’ kwa hivyo ndio ikawa kazi yangu kutengeneza ngoma ili watu wengine ndio waimbe … wimbo wa kivuruge umefanya vizuri ikawa kama biashara sasa ndio then wakaja watu wengi wanataka niwaandikie kwa sababu wanauona nina uwezo mzuri wa kuwaandikia ngoma na ikawa hit ” Explained Jay Melody

He bought his first smartphone from the proceeds of song writing and paid for studio time for some of his songs though he states that the pay wasn’t appealing.

No Bad Blood

Jay Melody further added that he doesn’t regret writing songs for other artist’s which later became mega hits, he’s even grateful that it provided him with the opportunity to be known something which he was yearning for at the time.

“Sina kinyongo au siumii kwa sababu nimetengeneza kiukweli ndio ilikuwa kazi yangu,siwezi kutengenezea mtu kazi mbaya kwa hiyo kufanikiwa kwake ndio mafanikio yangu na kuonyesha uwezo wangu” Added Jay Melody

Ceased Writing For Other Star’s

Jay Melody said that it’s quite sometime since he put to an end writing songs for other artists in a bid to concentrate on his career which has been on an upward trajectory.

He cited poor pay and lack of recognition as some artist’s were never willing to disclose the source of their lyrics.

Some of the songs he’s written include Kivuruge by Nandy,Do Me by Billnas and Njiwa by Willy Paul among others.

His song Nakupenda is still a favorite among music lovers with ‘Puuh’ featuring Billnas also a chart topping hit.

By Steve Osaka.

February 6, 2023

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