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-Murders Suspect Naftali Confesses hacking her girlfriend to death

-Naftali narrates his love life with Wangechi from childhood

The deceased Ivy Wangechi PHOTO/Courtesy

Naftali Kinuthia, the main suspect in the killing of Moi University medical student, Ivy Wangechi in April 2019, confessed to killing her and expressed his regret over the incident.

Kinuthia gave his final defence evidence in chief in the murder case which is being heard by Justice Stephen Githinji at an Eldoret Court on Friday, March 3, almost four years since the murder took place.

Nafatalis’ Love Life With Wangechi

He traced his relationship with the late Wangechi all the way to their childhood days in primary school, adding that before her demise, she borrowed him Ksh28,000 to fund her birthday party which he agreed to.

“She said she planned to have a big party because it was supposed to be the last one with her friends, so she told me she’s planning to spend Ksh28,000, that was her budget. She asked me if I could support her with the funds and I accepted,” he recalled in part.

He further recalled how he had travelled all the way from Nairobi.

“I wanted to wish her happy birthday and also inform her that I would not attend the party because I was to travel back to Nairobi immediately for work. I also wanted to deliver the balance for the party personally,” he went on.

This was despite their relationship being estranged to the point that she had blocked his number for some time making it impossible for him to reach her.

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While near the hostels, he ran into Wangechi who was surprised to see him and revealed to him that her new boyfriend would take care of the remaining costs. She proceeded to chase him away from the party, a matter that made him realise that she cut all ties with him.

“She told me that I was not invited to the party and that I should immediately leave. I was so shocked by what she was saying. At that point I didn’t even answer I knew she had burned all the bridges and there was no way I would restore our relationship.In my mind, I felt like a loser and hopeless because of what she said. I became angry and felt bad that the connection we had since 1998 had suddenly come to an end,” he continued.

It was here that he lost control and was clouded by so much anger over the events that he was unable to describe how he reached out for the axe to attack her. He noted thst the axe had been in his car for over a year and he had bought it for his own security because of working at night many times.

Kinuthia revealed that he was attacked after the incident by members of the public and sustained injuries as well as lost consciousness from the beatings he received.

He was rescued by a police officer and taken to the Moi Referral Hospital for treatment, and after regaining consciousness, was told that Wangechi had died.

He expressed his regret over the incident, adding that he was overwhelmed by the anger over what he termed as a love relationship gone sour.

“This is an incident that I have regretted forever. After thinking about it and reflecting, I knew it would not have happened and there were many ways to get around this situation without causing the death of an innocent person.” he added.


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