• ‘’I RISE ‘’ was her first  album to make it to reggae billboards chats from Jamaica in over 17yrs
  • Reggae star Etana details the alleged sabotage by her former record label
  • Etana says fellow artist have not supported her during her legal battle

Reggae star Etana details the alleged sabotage by her former record label, which she is currently in a legal battle with.

According to Richest girl hit maker , VP Records has Shadow banned her music on Spotify and went as far as to remove her songs from the popular streaming platform.

Etana says the Album I rise was the 1st female reggae album to make it to on reggae billboards chats from Jamaica in over 17yrs

She is one of the three Jamaican female artists ever and the first in nearly two decades (since Diana King and Patra in the mid-90s) to land this highly-coveted chart position

Etana’s Legal Battle

The legal battle between Etana and VP Records has been ongoing, with a New York judge recently dismissing nine of the fourteen claims in her breach of contract and copyright infringement lawsuit against the label. However, the judge granted her two weeks to amend her complaint.

Etana’s Album missing on spotify

 Additionally, she noted that her album “I Rise” was conspicuously absent from Spotify’s catalogue.

Strangely, her subscription to the streaming service experienced a significant drop when Spotify announced its availability in Jamaica, falling to less than half the original amount.

She alleges that Spotify had to create a new page for her song because they couldn’t initially locate her as the artist.

At first, she considered this an inadvertent mistake, but investigations by her team suggested otherwise, pointing to a deliberate manoeuvre by the label.

Etana says it was a ploy by the record label and its business partners to promote Strictly The Best And Reggae Gold albums, which was the only place she could find her songs from the album that was removed from Spotify, as per Etana, artistes do not benefit from this method.

Fellow artists failed me

The singer concluded her speech by talking about the lack of support from her fellow local artistes, during her battle with VP and addressing her former musical business partner and producer, Donovan Germain, whom she calls an agent for VP Records.


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