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  • Chege chose not to reveal the specific medical condition that afflicted him
  • He was apprehended on July 22

A 32 year old man who was arrested in Ngara Nairobi after being found in possession of 100 grams of Bhang with an estimated value of 2000 shillings told a Kibera court that he uses it in order to ease the pain of a disease affecting his private parts.

Apologizing to the court for his actions, Njoroge Chege explained that he suffered from a health issue that had affected his private parts, causing him discomfort and pain.

He asserted that smoking Bhang brought him a degree of relief from the symptoms he was experiencing, which led to his decision to possess and use the illicit substance.

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“I have some diseases that affected my private parts. Smoking bhang created some relief for me. I am very sorry and apologetic your honour,”

he said.

Strict Sentence

The prosecution told the court that Chege had no previous records of such offenses but they still urged the court to impose a strict sentence as a deterrent

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In his defense, Njoroge Chege sincerely apologized to the court and promised to mend his ways if given another chance.

He pleaded for mercy, stating that he understood the gravity of his actions and the impact they could have on his life and future.

Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi, later ruled that Chege who did not reveal the specific disease he was suffering from, would have to pay a fine of 20,000 shillings or serve six months in jail if unable to pay the fine.

Despite growing support for the medical use of Bhang in some parts of the world, it remains illegal in Kenya.

In 2018, Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s son Raila Junior called on the government to legalize bhang, this was after a middle aged man was arrested in Mirithu village Limuru for planting bhang.

“Serious discussion has to be held on the legalization and control of cannabis sativa, and entrepreneurs like MR Mbugua in their business and religious conquests,” he tweeted.

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