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“I spend two million monthly on property management” Akothee

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By Annette Amondi

Controversial singer Akothee has set the internet on fire after she revealed that she spends Sh2 million to maintain her house.

Part of a lengthy post she shared on her Instagram account caught fans attention after the two million quote.

“They look good because someone is having sleepless nights to maintain them, I spend over 2m a month to make sure everything is in perfect condition for this homes,wakati hawajaniibia sana maybe around 1.5m hapo…” her post read in part.

Some fans were wowed by the remark while others were plain annoyed saying she was just showing off.

“Wait wait wait did I hear it right??2M per waat!!!!naawoo**life is unfair ooooh**” Said one Emelda­_ke


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