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“I spent 500K on Alcohol in One month, Its time to quit” Frasha

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P-Unit member Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha has revealed that he has decided to quit alcohol.

The singer says after many years of trying he has finally made the choice to quit because he realized he is losing focus.

“After doing the 40 days sobriety challenge for several years, i have realized the importance of quitting alcohol completely. There is nothing good about alcohol. First, it will affect your financial status, health and make you lose focus because of the hangovers.” He said

Speaking to a section of Youth, Frasha revealed that he once spent half a million in alcohol in one month.

The rapper who is currently running the HIV Frasha Foundation, as well Jipange  campaign, which is based on advocacy on HIV issues, especially targeting the boy child and the youth says he hopes he can inspire the youth consuming alcohol to also stop.

“ I have realized alcohol will always be there, so every individual should evaluate themselves and the choices you want in life,” he added

The singer says after consuming alcohol for 15 years, even his wife still doesn’t believe him.

“My wife still thinks i am joking, and she has given me time,” he said


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