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I Still Can Dance Despite Pregnancy – Aggie The Dance Queen

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Aggie the Dance Queen has revealed that she and her boyfriend Oscar Mwaro are expecting their first child although they had not planned for it.

“This pregnancy was not planned for. In was not on any family method for over eight years. We never had the thought of wanting a baby,” she stated.

The award winning choreographer is known for the ‘Short&Sweet’ song which featured Sauti Sol and Nyashinski.

She uploaded a video on her Instagram and many are tongue tied as they can’t explain how she is flexible dancing in heels while pregnant.

According to her, flexibility is not something she has achieved overnight.

“I have not been working out. I feel like I should give the baby time, not to shake so much and scare the baby. I was scared after hearing stereotypes that I should not engage in vigorous activities before 4 months, but I couldn’t just help it,” she said.

Aggie is thankful that she has someone who has supported her throughout the journey. Her boyfriend Mwaro, is ready to accompany her to the delivery room.

“I must be in the labor ward, I have been going for all clinic appointments, I am even the one who reminds her. I will be there not unless the doctors kick me out,” Mwaro said.

Mwaro said that the pregnancy news came at a time when they both had an argument but he has always desired to have a child.

“I was doing a project in Coast and when I came back we had argued about something so we were not in talking terms. After dinner, we went to bed and we were not talking, out of the blues she told me she was pregnant and slept,” he said.

“I was not shocked but for a long time wanted a baby. I was only shocked by how she broke the news to me. The way she gave me the news was not appropriate, I did not sleep the entire night,” Mwaro said.

Both Aggie and Oscar are professional choreographers but haven’t planned to have their baby do the same. 

By Cynthia Kenyani



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