Kenyan disc jockey turned music producer Vdj Jones recently revealed how he turned down sexual advances from a gay man and a notable figure in one of Kenya’s leading media house.

The celebrated desk wizard made the statement while on an online interview with Plug Tv, though he didn’t disclose his identity he maintained that the culprit is an artist and calls shots in the mainstream media.

“Mimi naongea from first hand experience..mimi nishawahi katiwa na mwanaume mbig fish kwa industry ,sitamtaja lakini he’s a media personel ” He stated

Jones narrated that he was called for a business meeting which he heeded only for the said person to take the meeting to his home which turned out otherwise.

“Ilikuwa ni zile evening meetings nikajua nika coffee tukiongea biashara then niishie,msee aliniita mahali nikaenda kwake nikashangaa biashara imekuwa tena ni kwake nikadhani ni business legit kumbe alikuwa na mambo yake” revealed Jones

Enticed With A MacBook

Jones stated that the man tried to lure him by gifting him with a MacBook and wads of cash which he altogether turned down maintaining his sanity.

“Alijua mi ni deejay akajua huyu jamaa nikimpea ki MacBook hivi polite na pesa flani pale atachukua lakini mimi hupenda kusema ni ‘backward never Mbele forever ‘alikuwa amenipatia kibunda kizuri laki moja na kitu” He Opened up

To untie himself from the situation, Jones stated that he had to show his real face by standing his ground.

“Ilibidi nimejam,saa zingine inabidi ujam ndio ujiprotect ilibidi tu nimejam ndio afungue mlango ” He said

Jones stated that the mainstream industry is full of people not leading straight lives, some are gays while a good number are kept by sugar mummies and daddies.

Recently Comedian YY also narrated how he once faced a challenging moment after hiking a lift from a security firm’s vehicle with the driver turning out to be gay.He wanted to get sexually involve himself with the comedian before dropping him off at his destination.

With the recent murder of gay activist Edwin Chiloba, stories of the LBTQ society have continued to fill the country.A fortnight ago, some teachers in Kisii County blatantly witnessed their pupils engaging in the indecent act, already law enforcers caught up with them and investigations are underway.

In Kenya same sex relationships are outlawed by the kenyan constitution.Have you ever had an experience with a gay person? Feel free and drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.

February 3, 2023

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