In Summary
  • Shiro reached out to Ghetto Radio’s morning show #Brekko in search of a man, someone who can be her husband. 
  • She gave details of the qualified man who must live near Thika in Kiambu County where she now works. 
  • Listeners encouraged her and wished her well on Ghetto radio and online platforms. 

Sarah Wanjiru ‘Shiro’, a 33-year-old woman reached out to Ghetto Radio’s morning show Brekko in search of a man who could be her husband.

She currently resides in Thika Kiambu County and one of her many wishes is that the man must be living near Kiambu for ease of seeing each other and being together.

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She is a mother of one daughter who lives with her grandmother in up country.

While sounding concerned about her age and need for a man, she admitted that finding the right man has become a challenge for her and in Kenya.

In her case she said most of the men she has met are dishonest, they just want to lie and sleep with her. Some are genuine but lazy. They do not want to engage in meaningful income generating activities.

Shiro currently works at a local grocery in Thika and plans to be self-employed in the future.

The Ideal man

On phone with Majimaji, on the morning show, Shiro gave a description of her type of man.

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The man must live near Thika in Kiambu County which literally means in Thika or Nairobi County.

He should be 35 years old and above but not older than 45 years.

The man also should have no children! On the contrary, this could complicate her search owing to the fact that it is expected a man by 35 and 45 years old should have been married or has children.

He must be engaged in a revenue generating activity (must have a job and earning). She clarified that it doesn’t mean a well-paying job but engaged in some work and earning.

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She was not specific on tribe, noting that in Kenyan cultures this could be a factor in marriage unions when the senior siblings or parents are consulted. She said what was most important is the ability to understand and tolerate each other.

He must be straight, serious and a hardworking man and above all, he must not drink alcohol!

Reactions on Radio

Fans react to Shiro’s plea to find a serious man. Grab courtesy of Ghetto Radio Digital


Generally, people wished her well, while some did not believe a lady could call the radio looking for a man.

A good number wondered why she wanted a man with no children, yet she had one of her own!

“Mbona unataka kuanza game 1-0?” (Why does she want to start the game at 1-0) Kevo, Teres and Chris asked.

Some asked her to go to church as find such a man especially who doesn’t take alcohol will be challenging on the streets.

“Hapo kwa pombe utachill sana, aende church” Eric, Acidic and Carpe noted.

Some inquired if she was beautiful, scared of beautiful women. Some men have concluded that a man should not marry a beautiful woman. They are afraid beautiful women cannot maintain a relationship for long because they attract many men.

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All in all, join us in wishing her well and if interested, send a text to 20895 we will hook you up!


September 29, 2023

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