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I Want To Study And Become A Politician, Street Boy says As He Joins School


A 13- year- old boy from Butere, Kakamega County has expressed his joy after he finally reported back to school after dropping out and living in the streets for more than four years.

Brian Amavya was admitted at the Bridge International Academy in class six on Thursday after a Good Samaritan rescued him from the streets and offered to take him back to school.

Amavya dropped out of school in 2017 and was condemned to the streets due to family issues.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, he expressed joy for being able to get back to school.

“I am so happy… It has not been easy for me to access school as all my family members neglected me. But I believe that education is key to everything.  I thank for allowing me to meet with Madam Anne here in Manyatta,”narrated Amavya.

He says he wants to stud and become a politician so that he can help and change the lives of many people.


Amavya has also called on the county governments and the National government to build rescue centers for the street families and the vulnerable children.

He also wants the two levels of government to roll out education programs for the street kids.

“Like for now in Kisumu, it is not only me who wanted to report back to school. There were so many people but they never got the chance to. Let the government also come up with education program for the street families,” he appealed.

On the other hand, Madam Anne Oguta confirmed that everything is ready and that the boy is expected to join the said school as she follows for his birth documents.

“We bought him books, uniform and other necessities. Fees paid and I chose to take him to that academy first to give me time to access his family for birth certificates which I can use to enroll him to public school,” said Anne.

Anne explains that she gave the boy the chance after he saw the potential in him.

By Jacob Oluoch