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“I was impressed” Buju Banton Sends special message to Kenyans


Buju Banton thrilled Kenyan reggae lovers in an electrifying performance on 8th of February 2020.

A month after his Kenyan concert at KICC, Buju has for the first time opened up about his Kenyan experience.

The singer who was giving his first ever concert in Kenya, said he was impressed by the turn-out during his much hyped show.

“The people of Kenya wanted to share in the experience of the ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ and the organizers did a good job. Kenya is a beautiful place and they love our music, I was very impressed. I know West Africa loves reggae music – Ghana, Togo Senegal and especially the Gambia we see them demanding for proper reggae shows frequently but I never knew Kenya was so much into it as well. What is happening there is great.” Buju said in a recent interview.

Buju went on to share how Africans have grown to love reggae music, adding that the first time he set foot in the content back in 1999 he was mainly trying to promote influence for the music genre.