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‘I was in for nine years’ Prezzo talks about the time he joined Mungiki



Veteran Rapper Jackson Makini Ng’echu popularly known as Prezzo has shared a little known details about the time he joined Mungiki.

Speaking in an interview with CTA’s Richard Njau, Prezzo revealed that the whole thing happened following his divorce from his then wife Daisy whom he wed in 2008.

The rapper said that he plunged into depression and did not leave his house for a whole year adding that during this time, his bodyguard was the one running errands for him.

“At around 2008 I ended up being married to Mama Zari. So after tupendane, next was all the Mama Zari vibe. And Mama Zari loved Ng’echu but she hated Prezzo. So I was living in a penthouse by that time, it was on Likoni lane. We had Star-studded, A 1 wedding. I did not minimize on the budget. So we get married and moved from the Penthouse into a mansion because I wanted to satisfy my wife at that time, with the finer things in life, with no budget being held back or anything. So we got a house that had six bedrooms and it was just the three of us (Myself, my daughter and Mama Zari) and two house helps,” said Prezzo

Prezzo further narrated how his wife asked him to drop music because she hated his life as a rapper.

“At that time Daisy Mama Zari, loved Ng’echu but she hated Prezzo and she wanted me to stop doing music and probably be an accountant or a teacher somewhere, a carpenter…anything but not music. And I was like I spent so much time building this brand and I’m not gonna just leave it like that. So from that point on wards, I left them with that Mansion that I was living in and I took another penthouse. So for almost a year I lost myself. For one year, I used to have my bodyguard bringing me food, bringing me whatever I need in the house; I never left the house for a whole year. I was like I was in a house arrest and slowly getting into depression,” said Prezzo

Prezzo further revealed that former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga reached out to him to lead the youth, a request he said he accepted and served for a whole nine years.

“So after one year I received a call from a brother called Andrew Nyanja, saying Chairman would like to meet you, Maina Njenga would like to me you. I asked why and the Guy said just Come to Karen. So he wanted a meeting with me. I was asking myself so many questions…I was like what is it that chairman wants to talk to me about.

So we went to Karen and Maina Njenga had this movement and he needed me to be like Youth leader of the Mungikis and who am I to say No. So he gave me responsibilities and I was in the whole Nine years. And just right after our first meeting we went to Limuru and the cops were aware that we were coming and they teargassed Us. And the end of the day they arrested Chairman. So the dust settled and we still used to link up with Chairman. He had different houses in this Town,” he added