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I was killed by police officers and resurrected in the mortuary after four days


A young man in Migori County claims that he resurrected four days after police beat him to death at God Kweru Migori County during the Legio Maria religious clash last month.

Omondi who was caught up in the clashes while going to church claims that he died on the spot and resurrected after spending four days at the mortuary.

According to Omondi who is a staunch Legio Maria believer, police who had been called to quell the chaos descended on him with rungus, beating him to death.

“The police officers caught up with me on the fields on my way to Calvary, they then descended on me with all manner of crude weapons and started beating me. They beat me to death,” narrates Omondi as he shows the injuries he sustained from the beat up.

“I was then taken to the mortuary in Migori town where I resurrected after four days,” he said.

Omondi showcases some of the injuries he sustained on his leg after he was beaten by the police.

He says that despite resurrecting, the several injuries he suffered have not healed to date.

He says that the beatings have reduced him to someone who cannot function at all.

According to him, he is also unable to function as a man and function in bed.

“I have a wife with children, I am unable to satisfy my wife. I cannot fend for my children, please help me,” he says.