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  • Nyamu Sparks Heated Exchange on Facebook over Gold and Love
  • The exchange quickly caught the attention of social media users

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu known for her unfiltered social media presence found herself in the midst of a fiery online exchange after celebrating Faith Kipyegon’s gold medal victory at the women’s 1500 meters race during the world Athletics Championships in Budapest.

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“The G.O.A.T! First Gold for Kenya in Budapest championships,”

Nyamu posted.

What was meant to be a congratulatory post took an unexpected turn when a follower on Facebook, identified as Givens Musine, criticized Nyamu for allegedly prioritizing her relationship with Mugithi musician Samidoh over bettering herself

“People are chasing gold alafu kuna wewe chasing cassava ya Thamweli see your life,”

Musine said.

Nyamu who is no stranger to controversy responded to Musine’s comment with a thud.

She emphasized that she already possessed gold in her life, and her current pursuit was to find a partner like Samidoh.

“My gold I already have Cassava ndio sikua nayo,”

Nyamu replied.

Nyamu, Samidoh Intimate Date

The exchange quickly caught the attention of social media users, who found the senator’s response both humorous and intriguing.

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Fans of both sides chimed in with their opinions, turning the comment section into a lively debate about priorities and personal choices.

Just days before the online showdown, Karen Nyamu and Samidoh went on a date and shared a short video on her Insta stories holding hands.

Since Samidoh’s first wife Edday Nderitu relocated to the US, the two have been spending most of their time together while showering each other with love on socio media.

Rumours have been circulating that Nyamu is pregnant with Samidoh’s sixth child, and in responding to the pregnancy rumors she said people will find out with time.

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