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 ‘I was never fired from NTV’ Journalist Lolani Kalu says

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Former NTV journalist Lolani Kalu has refuted claims he was laid off from NTV back in 2017.

Speaking on an interview with Bonga na Jalas, the 56 year old veteran journalist said he took an early retirement.

Kalu said there had been a notice that some people would be laid off but he personally was not laid off.

He added that he has kept in touch with his former colleagues and even the management and there is no bad blood.

“I was never fired from NTV as people say. There were layoffs set to happen but myself and a few others were given the option of an early retirement and  I opted to take it. I left NTV in good terms and even pocketed my retirement benefits. To date I can still walk into NTV if I have a product and they will buy my content because we have kept in touch.” He said

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Lolani who was also overwhelmed with emotions during the interview thanked his fans who recently came to his aid.

He revealed that since his story was shared on Twitter he received lots of cash and even managed to buy a camera worth 270K.

He revealed that another group of well wishers gifted him a dell computer to allow him to get back to work while another one bought him A Macbook pro.

Kalu added that he will be getting back on the road to film a talent search show across the country as a thank you to his fans.

“Because this camera was bought by my fans, I will be going back to film my famous Talanta 47, a talent search show for free as gratitude to my fans.” He added

Lolani also added that his mother is not critically ill as was purported saying that she had a cold and minor illnesses associated with age.