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  • Salasya’s responses during the interview drew significant attention.
  • Salasya strongly defends himself.

In the midst of mounting criticism regarding his recent interview at the Africa climate summit, Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya has strongly defended himself against detractors who accused him of inadequately addressing climate change matters.

The controversy began when Salasya participated in a brief interview with YouTube channel SPM buzz during the ongoing Africa climate summit held at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) in Nairobi

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“As we are all aware, it’s that, it’s climate change because you find that, by the way, climate change is real because of the global warming, “he said.

During the interview, he was asked to provide a concise explanation of the summit’s purpose and whether he had any proposals to assist African governments in tackling climate change.

“I was in Mombasa last week, and it was so cold. I asked them, what is happening? They told me the sun has become too much and the ice is melting, and so when it melts, that thing becomes cold,”

Salasya’s responses during the interview drew significant attention, with many viewers and social media users expressing disappointment over his perceived lack of understanding of climate change issues.

Social Media Reactions

Critics argued that as an elected representative, he should be better informed on such crucial matters

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“It makes no sense that a legislator has no idea on something that affects your constituents. Stop with the chest thumbing boss, admit that you messed and that you are going to improve,” Jane Kyalo tweeted.

“Shida si kuongea kizungu, ni kenye unasema. Wewe hakuna kitu unasema,”

Taking to twitter in response to the growing criticism, Salasya fired back at his detractors

“All those criticizing me on twitter on how I responded about Climate change wakwende Uko na kizungu Yao wasimame kura pia wawe wabunge in their constituencies.politics ni local wakwende na kizungu Yao.I was not elected to talk about climate change idiots munisikie,” he said.

He urged them to consider running for political office in their respective constituencies if they believed they could do a better job.

Salasya added that his role as a Member of Parliament was not centered on discussing climate change.



September 5, 2023

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