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“I was not living up to certain Expectations he had” Tanasha Speaks out on a Rocky relationship with Diamond




Tanasha Donna has revealed that her relationship with Diamond Platnumz took some hard hits about six months before they eventually parted ways.

Speaking to True Love’s Carole Mandi, Tanasha revealed that there was a time she kept feeling like Diamond had lost interest.

She, however, maintains that it was not his fault and that she eventually decided to do what is right for her and her son.

“I tried to save the relationship for months because I did not want my son to grow up without a father. Eventually, I decided it was time to do what is right for me and my son. There are times you feel like the other person has lost interest. It’s not because of anything emotional but because of not living up to certain expectations he had in the relationship. It’s not anybody’s fault, people are wired the way they are. When you don’t live up to these people’s expectations, for some people it’s easy to handle, that’s just when the problem begins.

Speaking about co-parenting Tanasha said the matter is still in works between her and Diamond.