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‘I was paid’ Magix Enga reveals why he allowed Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Gooba back on Youtube


On Sunday American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s hit song GOOBA was pulled down from Youtube after a complaint filed by Kenyan producer Magix Enga.

According to Magix Enga, Tekashi had sampled some of his beats from back in the day.

“Don’t sample my Beats Biggest song Delete By Magix Enga ✌️??”. He wrote

The song was later returned to youtube after the two allegedly resolved the matter.

The producer now says that he was actually paid by the American rapper for whatever he sampled.

He now claims the rapper did not sample his beats but rather a sample kit that he had uploaded on Youtube six years ago.

“Y’all need to know that he did note sample my beats, he used just one of my sample kits. I have my own sample kits and I uploaded them six years ago. Only produces can understand this. So YouTube had to take that song down and because I don’t want to fight, I decided to put that song back on YouTube after receiving some cash,” he wrote.

Soon after the song’s return on YouTube, The Brooklyn rapper went on to mock Magix Enga in a new post online.

“LMAOOOOOOOOO I know ya dead mad right now.” He wrote on Instagram

This did not sit well with the Kenyan producer who threatened to give back the money and delete the song completely from Youtube.

“Stupid. You want your money back? I can still delete that.” He wrote