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I Was Raped By 9 Men, Broken Bottle Inserted In My Private Parts

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A 23 year old woman has revealed a painful ordeal of how she was gang raped by nine men in Nairobi’s Buruburu area.

Winfred Awino says that as if that was not enough, the gang further inserted a broken bottle inside her private parts.

Awino who hails from Utawala area sys that she was on her daily hustle in Buruburu on the fateful day when the gang of nine men kidnapped her and took her to an undisclosed place.

She says that she was just standing next to a gate hoping the owner of the house would come out and give her a cleaning job. It was at this point that she was accosted by close to nine men who whisked her away and raped her in a bush.

‘‘They confronted me toed me and I immediately became unconscious, I later regained consciousness when in the bush bleeding, they then inserted a broken bottle in my private parts before pushing my head inside a pool of water repeatedly,’’ narrated Awino.

The nine men gang then dumped her on the road and disappeared.

‘‘The next day I found myself at Mama Lucy Hospital a doctor approached and revealed to me that I was raped and was brought in by a good Samaritan who later left,’’ Awino narrated to Ghetto Radio News.

When her ailing mother received the sad news she was shocked, something Awino says that led to her demise.

Winfred Awino at CREAW offices in Kibra

‘‘My mother was also sick at the moment and when I revealed to her what had happened this inflicted more pain in her, she always valued me and supported all my actions to provide to our family,’’ she added.


Winfred has since been enrolled to the Center for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) Programs, Kibra branch to for counselling and other women empowerment services.

 ‘‘For her case we have been providing psycho-education we are walking with her because she was traumatised, we have also been giving her financial support as well as empowering her businesses,’’ Phoebe Nzulu counsellor at Creaw told Ghetto Radio News.



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