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‘I was so tired of my husband I threw him out’ Size 8


Gospel singer Size 8 has revealed that there was a time she got so tired of her husband Dj Mo.

Speaking in the latest episode of Dine with the Muraya’s, Size 8 said she even packed his bags and threw him out.

It took the intervention of a certain pastor for singer to calm down and unlock the door for her hubby.

“I remember there was a time I was so tired of my husband that I threw him out and locked him outside. I did not want him in my house. He spoke to a pastor who calmed me down and convinced me to let DJ Mo return home,” she said

She also added that because of marital issues, she also once moved out to her own house.

She added that she made sure she got a lavish apartment in a swanky neighborhood to show Dj Mo that she can make it on her own.

“I made sure I moved into an expensive place and my house was fully furnished. I used to live a very good life,” she added

Size 8 revealed that their problems ranged from small misunderstandings, fishy phone conversations to her husband arriving home late constantly.