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‘I will deal with the MCAs politically’ Igathe Says On MCAs Held Captive By Cartels

Nairobi Governor Aspirant Polycarp Igathe now claims that Nairobi MCAs have been held captive by three cartels of the Somali origin.

Igathe says he knows that the 45 MCAs who are being controlled by the businessmen who are Somalis.

“Nairobi has got 45 Kikuyu MCAs, I can tell you that these MCAs are being controlled by three Somalis. I can tell you, that’s a fact,” he said.

“The capture is too serious, even yesterday they were doing things that are illegal and illicit,” he stated.

According to Igathe, the greed of the MCAs has sunk Nairobi County into a debt of over Ksh. 85 Billion.

“Go to the county right now, the invoices are being paid to specific people of one community. Salaries are not even being paid. The Nairobi city county worker is the most demotivated worker,” said Igathe.

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Igathe has further promised to politically deal with the said corrupt MCAs politically.

“You cannot give this job to somebody without the competence to get it done. I will deal with the MCAs politically,” he said.

Igathe was speaking during a meeting with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance.