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‘I will give it a negative one’ Shonarwa rates Nikita Kering’s Fenty Launch Dress

Socialite Shonarwa has expressed her fashion disappointment during last week’s Fenty Beauty Launch in Kenya.

Shonarwa particularly took issue with Kenya’s Fenty Beauty Ambassador Nikita Kering’s dress.

According to the socialite, Nikita Kering’s dress was just giving her magaines and the banned plastic bags vibe.

She apparently rated the dress a negative one out of a possible 10 marks.

 “Nikita No, there was a clear vision but the vision was not visioning, it was just giving magazine and plastic bags. Let’s not got to the shoes because the shoes look like captain jack. This one out of 10 I will give it a negative one and the negative is for the vision because the vision was there but it did not bring,” Shonarwa said.


Maria Show Actress Yasmin Said was also not spared Shonarwa’s wrath. Shonarwa took issue with both Yasmin’s dress and shoes, saying her dress looked like a wrap skirt.

When I saw this my first question was when was this invitation given out, ilipatianwa kwa njia like twende people are less and we need people to come and don’t mind how you are dressed. Huyu akitoka home alijua anaenda kuona Rihanna or not. Angalia hizo viatu zake, inakaa kama ‘perms’ na Kenya hakuna snow then akavaa rapper skirt alafu akaongeza na skintight,” she added.

A photo collage of how actress Yasmin Said, Sauti Sol’s Chimano and Nikita Kering’ showed up at Fenty Beauty Launch.

It was not all disappointment for the outspoken Shonarwa because she applauded some celebrities who according to her wore the Fenty theme.

She applauded Chimano of Sauti Sol and another lady who was dressed according to the theme.

“I wish I would have this hijabi girl, if there is one person who literally ‘ate’…’ate’ it so well in a very amazing outfit and culturally appropriate it was this girl. I saw a ticktok video and it is only the eyes that were showing and I wanted her to be the face of Fenty because she deserves it and it was not about showing skins because the choice of color was appropriate,” she added.

Netizens agreed with her statements and advised Kenyan Celebrities to upgrade their sense of fashion.

“Someone had to say it 💀‼️,” wrote Thickyy_Sandra.

“Hapo kwa maria nakubaliana na wewe😂😂😂😂🙌 gameskirt,” Maurine_Matuhi.

“Let’s normalize kuambiana ukweli….. Kenyan celebs should must upgrade their Style by force by 🔥😂😂😂,”wrote Ryanotieno.

By: Emmaline Owuor