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I write my songs in Matatus, Nameless

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By Steve Osaka

Singer Nameless has shared with the public his sources of inspiration when it comes to music writing.

Speaking during an online interview the ‘Sinzia’ hit maker disclosed how he wrote most of his songs in Matatu’s plying the Nairobi routes.

“Most of the songs i wrote normally while in a mathree or at home nikiskiza mziki alafu naandika kitu,” he said.

He mentioned his song’s ‘Deadly’ and ‘Megarider’ as some of the hits inspired by the Matatu culture which resonated well with him at the time as it was the cheapest mode of transport for a man who was still fighting to make a name in the Kenyan Entertainment Industry.

The Star also shared his song writing skills stating that he always starts with the chorus as it guides him in coming up with the theme.

“Kitu nakuwanga first kupata ni chorus kabla nianze kuandika verse juu hiyo ndiyo hunipatia topic of the song” he added.

The artist who is married to fellow Pop Star Wahu Kagwi has two daughters Tumiso and Nyakio.

The Celebrity power couple recently dropped songs with the same titles-This love ya Nameless and This Love ya Wahu in commemoration of the World’s International Lovers day-Valentines.


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