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  • How Fredrick Marwa became a wealthy Vlogger.
  • Marwa uses his YouTube channel to share experiences with his friends which earns him millions.
  • Marwa introduces his Caucasian lover, Ro Cabrera, by buying her flowers as they vacation in Mexico.

Ian Marwa real name Fredrick Marwa is among the wealthiest youtubers in Kenya worth KSH. 20M. He explained he couldn’t date for lack of time due to his work schedules.

However, yesterday Marwa introduced his Caucasian lover, Ro Cabrera.

“For the first time, I bought flowers in my life.”

He posted photos of both of them with the caption. They are currently vacationing in Mexico.

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Ian Marwa while building his Villa in the village. PHOTO Courtesy

32 years old Marwa hails from Nyambohanse, Kuria in Kenya.

Through his savings, Marwa was able to build his parents a mansion and is building his own, a lavish one worth millions.

He plans to construct a helipad, Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool.

How Marwa became a Vlogger

Ian Marwa on a previous Vlog. PHOTO Courtesy

When he got to Colombia, his friends would storm him with a lot of questions about abroad. This made him create a you tube channel to show his boys back home, how life was in Colombia.

“Funny thing, when I started my YouTube channel, I was asked if I wanted to get paid as I created content. At the time, one didn’t have to get targets to get paid,” he stated.

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He also stated that his gain was minimal at first. As he uploaded more videos, his fan base grew and so did his income. His greatest motivation was when he earned 60 dollars.

 This made him view content creation on YouTube as something promising. He made it his main source of income.

Ian Marwa’s Journey to Columbia

Ian Marwa and lover selfie. PHOTO Courtesy of Marwa Instagram

His journey starts back in 2016 when he completed his highest level education at the Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology.

After graduation, he was hired at one of the local banks in Kenya.

It was not long before Marwa lost his job, stayed unemployed for quite a while.

One of his friends had informed him of a job opportunity in Columbia as a tutor.

He did not hesitate when his name came up. Today he is wealthy and just met the love of his life.

August 14, 2023

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