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IBA brings back competitions from Russia and Belarus


IBA Board of Directors voted in favor to cancel its previous decision and allow boxers of Russia and Belarus to compete at the IBA events with immediate effect.

In a statement, the IBA said that “politics shouldn’t have any influence on sports”, adding it was in the interest of equality.

“The IBA strongly believes that politics shouldn’t have any influence on sports,” read the IBA statement.

“Hence, all athletes should be given equal conditions.

“Respecting its own autonomy as the International sports Federation, the IBA shall remain politically neutral and independent.

“IBA calls for peace and remains a peacemaker in any conflicts. Moreover, the IBA has obligation to ensure equal treatment towards the athletes and competition officials, regardless of their nationality and residence.

“Both Russian and Belarus teams will be able to perform under their flags, and the national anthems will be played in case they win a gold medal.

“According to the decision, the technical officials of Russia and Belarus will also be back in the competitions.”


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