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  • Ibraah has released a follow up song dubbed ‘Shem’ which is currently the talk of the town.
  • This is his follow up song after staging a musical comeback with the song ‘Hapa’.
  • He’s Konde Gang’s first signee and only remaining signed artist at the Harmonize led label.

Ibraah has dropped yet another banger dubbed ‘Shem’ which is currently the talk of the town.

This comes barely a few days after the Sitosema singer staged a musical comeback after a hiatus.

With his comeback song ‘Hapa’ still doing well, Ibraah is proving that he’s not to be taken lightly through his follow-up song, Shem.

Songs Storyline

In the song ‘Shem’ Ibraah tackles a less travelled road, It’s uncommon for a man to be hit on by a woman.

Men are always the predators, making the first moves.

However, In our today’s world women who are bold enough make approaches.

This is what Ibraah finds himself in with plenty of women yearning for his attention.

Laid on an Amapiano beat, It creates a party feeling with the instruments clunking.

The chorus bears simple and catchy phrases invoked through Ibraah’s raspy voice.

The repetition further creates  musicality as the song pierces through.

“Shem kantongo kantongoza

Shem kantongoza…Madem wananitaka sitongozi nimezichoka simu za kina Rozy” goes part of the chorus and the first verse.

In the second verse, Ibraah narrates how as much he loves ‘fine women’ he’s keen on evading a gold digger.

“Maana watoto wanapenda shilingi yani pesa kama huna watakutesa aii wena!! …Pesa yako ya mawazo ibane usitake tulaumiane watakusumbua” he continues partly.

The video has both an outdoor and indoor feel with a great mixture of lighting.

Harmonize and Ibraah during a past video shoot PHOTO Courtesy

Konde Gang’s First & Remaining Signee

When Harmonize set up his music label, Konde Gang Worldwide, Ibraah was his first signed artist.

Through Ibraah’s midas touch Harmonize proved to the world that he was ripe in running his empire.

As Diamond shook charts through Zuchu, Ibraah in most occasions would be in readiness to counter.

Ibraah seems to have a special place for Harmonize in his heart.

Apart from being the first signed artist he’s also the only remaining signed artist following a massive exodus by Country Wizzy formely Country Boy, Cheed, Killy and Anjella.

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