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  • Ibraah slams journalist on poor reporting live on camera.
  • The scribe had maintained that Ibraah is yet to be felt after making a musical comeback.
  • He has hinted on working with Rayvanny after his boss, Harmonize sorted out his differences with the Next Level president.

Konde Gang’s first signee and the only remaining signed act Ibraah has slammed a scribe for poor reporting concerning his musical comeback.

According to the reporter, Ibraah had failed to honor his promise of a major musical comeback.

This did not sit down well with Ibraah who blatantly termed the scribe ‘a liar’ in front of the cameras.

The Nitachelewa singer maintained that he’s focused with his craft and had laid the needed groundwork in seeing his career moving to the next level.

Ibraah further noted that the scribe was in slumberland not knowing about his latest release dubbed “Shem” which is currently the talk of the town.

“Wewe ni muongo, wewe hapa ni muongo kwa sababu mimi jamani hivi kuna mtu asiyejua kuna jina langu la utani? sasa kimefanyika muda gani au wewe unalalaga unafumba macho” quipped Ibraah partly.

Ibraah made the sentiments a fortnight ago during a night of bongo movie awards.

The celebrated star shared his gratitude for the growth of the bongo movie industry as something good for the future.

On whether he would like to become an actor someday, Ibraah noted that he once acted as a cripple.

This was way before he became famous and joined Harmonize’s stable.

However, he maintained that Bongo movie had led to the growth of many talents with the players earning a decent living.

Harmonize & Ibraah during a past video shoot PHOTO Courtesy


Collabo With Rayvanny

Ibraah further noted that he’s open to work with Rayvanny  should the opportunity arise.

This was in relation to his boss, Harmonize who recently buried his differences with the Next Level president.

At the height of their beef, Ibraah joined the battle with a distrack aimed at both Rayvanny and the Wasafi brigade dubbed ‘Hayakuhusu’.

Ibraah recently made a musical comeback after a hiatus, the singer had been embroiled in a distributorship row with his management team.

So far the singer has released back to back music in filling the void left during his break.

Some of his latest releases are Hapa, Shem and Nimepona.



December 18, 2023

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