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ICJ faults arrest of DCJ Philomena Mwilu

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A section of civil societies led by International Commission of Jurists has now come  into defense of embattled Deputy Chief Justice Philemena Mwilu questioning the timing of her prosecution and legal procedure followed by the office of the director of public prosecution.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News today  ICJ  executive director Samuel Mohochi says that the motive behind the arrests  should be unearthed saying the matter was to be taken to judicial service commission  bearing in mind that Mwilu is a supreme court judge in  office.

‘‘Mwilu is a judge at the supreme court and DDP failed to follow the legal procedure by first reporting the matter to Judicial Service Commission and a tribunal to be formed but not arresting her without all those process,’’ he stated.

He faulted office of the DPP and  director of criminal investigation for not telling the country the truth on how they cleared Mwilu  before  assuming DCJ  post  and that she is being accused of not paying taxes  for many years.

He has called on those accusing Mwilu of wrong doing to follow the correct procedure and to desist from undermining the  the Judiciary.

‘‘The DCI  cleared Mwilu in 2016  during vetting why now, the timing is raising eye brows and it must just stop,’’ Muhochi added.

Her arresst has sparked public debate as war on graft  intensifies.


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